What’s a preventive illness?

Daily the persons who are not acquainted with the different classifications that are given them to any medical situations in The United States, prove with doubts because they do not know to that they are refiriendo. This it is the case of the calls: ” Preexisting diseases “, or what is the same thing, diseases that happen or are had before contracting the services of a Medical Insurance

Nobody wants to feel certainly rejected on having tried to enter to a Medical Insurance. The moment of the application and his(her,your) later(posterior) analysis for the insurance doctor is decisive for the approval or not, of the client / patient .De begin it(he,she) is also disagreeable for the agent who does not wish that these things happen. A really professional agent defends and alía with the patient and wants the better(best) thing for, but this does not happen(pass) for a sentimental topic, unfortunately the insurance ones and the different companies it(he,she) has the solution or the approval of his(her,your) case, in his(her,your) hands.

Consequently sometimes the diabetics, the persons who suffer from arterial pressure, which have the high cholesterol, the asthmatic ones, the patients of cancer (treated or not), and many(many people) more, spend(pass) a lot of work to obtain a medical insurance. Some solutions before the presence of a Preexisting disease and not approval of an Insurance of Health.

What is it possible to do to find a solution before the dilemma of not being approved by a Medical Insurance, for having a Preexisting disease?

1-Try to be advised well by a good Insurance agent Doctors (health insurance agent) since on this one it(he,she) depends to know the different alternatives to apply with you with regard to minimizing the possibility that they do not approve it. The good agent knows that sure it(he,she) is “more or less “demanding” with his(her,your) disease and can “channel” like his(her,your) application in order that it(he) is approved.

Certainly this is not a guarantee, but to what I refer it(he,she) is that the agent possesses the experience and the skill, since it(he,she) works with this day after day.

2-Do not despair and do not apply in “all and with all” the first premise that you should take into account that you as a patient with pre-existing disease(s),are not interested in that health insurance. You will therefore try not to approve it.

3-Not everything is lost ,there are some alternative solutions that can be applied and can be “risked” and applied for that health insurance and 3 things can happen:

a) one that “miraculously” approves

b) not to approve ,

c) and the third that approves it but with a restriction for a period of time where it cannot be attended for that health situation (if for others, but not for that previous illness situation).

4) And last but not least, there is the possibility of applying for the so called “Health Plans or Medical Plans” which many of them are not health insurance, but if some of them are serious and accountable for the benefits they promise.

In all cases it is always advisable to advise a Medical Insurance Agent , who can take you to the door of your home or work the solution to your health problem.