What are brand meds?

What are called “brand name” medicines or “brand” medicines?

Why is it important to know this to buy Medical Insurance?

Monica was very surprised that within the documents given to her by the health insurance salesman, the agent who visited her, there was a large list of medications that the insurance policy allegedly did not cover. She thought for a moment that everything was lost with what she had just bought, she regretted why it did not occur to her to ask because the medication she was taking was not listed in any way in that long relationship.

It even occurred to him to call the insurance company to find out , to inquire about what was happening to him… In that instant for luck of Monica ,she receives a phone call from her aunt in New York ,who was a faithful connoisseur of those health issues and health insurance in the United States ,since she had been in this country for many years and “knew them all” as she advertised herself.

The essence is that Mónica narrates pormenorizadamente his(her,your) aunt who had happened to him(her) with the medical insurance that he(she) had bought and the worry so big that tape-worm with regard to this situation since his(her,your) medicine was not in the famous list of medicines of plan of health that he(she) acquired

The supposed theft of his(her,your) medical insurance

And it is true these things they happen often and later that it(he,she) us goes away the person indicated to answer the different questions to us is that we realize the problem. What happened to Mónica was not serious and his(her,your) aunt found him the solution to respecto:Se recounts to the fact of which Insurance Doctors exist in USA it is to say insurance companies that cover very little of the so called medicines ” brand name ” or ” of brand(mark) “.

Others even it is not that they cover little, but they do not include them in the policy, this way flatly. This type of medicine is not another thing that the so called “original” medicine created by a pharmacist for a disease in specific, but in general they are extremely expensive and the insurance policies do not include them, for which to buy it they cost a large sum of money.

It is possible at the time that after acquiring your insurance of health you have to pay apart from the monthly established quota, regular cotos of your “original” medicine, ” of brand(mark) ” or ” brand name ” cone wants to call him. The solution of Mónica Pero’s problem the aunt did not explain this only to Mónica, gave to him(her) the solution and this one was that from now as Mónica tape-worm that to attend with newly I medicate, that is to say the one that covers his(her,your) new insurance, had to him(her) to explain this situation to this physician in order that of being possible it(he,she) should buy “generic” medicines or medicines that are not of it(he,she) marks, that is to say the similar medicine to originally but alone that is created by another company and in many cases it(he,she) does the same effect.

Certainly this must consult with his(her,your) doctor is the only one that can decide on his(her,your) destination(destiny) of health and the medicines that it(he,she) can or not to consume, is very a villain “automedicamentarse” it is in danger his(her,your) life and his(her,your) health. Since in addition there are other cases that do not admit this type of solutions because only him(her) the original medicine agrees to you, of brand(mark) or the medicine brand name.

Therefore consult your insurance agent in detail and inquire into this particular topic ,if you are taking any particular treatment you may suffer a surprise after you purchase the insurance policy if you do not prevent this costly detail first.