The Best Health Insurance Company

Which is the best company of insurance of health?

It(He,She) is incredible as this one question is forced these when in front of a client. The persons are not located often in the quantity of benefits that has or that does not have an insurance policy, the persons ask which is the best insurance company of health, which is the best medical insurance Is as if our mind was prepared for the already above mentioned thing and in effect it(he,she) is like that.

The advertising exercises a preponderant paper(role) is the perception that we have of the things and do not realize that subliminalmente, intelligently it(he,she) us is entering(approaching) what they wish that us between(among) this happy insurance company. Therefore we are creating myths that often are removed from the reality. Often let’s believe or us believe an image that can be good or bad(wrong) and we believe ourselves blind …. Such a company is good and such a company is bad(wrong) or such an insurance serves and such an insurance does not serve.

The image costs(suits) of much and if you believe reputation of well this you will have, as if on the contrary you touch the ” bad(wrong) squall ” this will have also. All that is analyzed from a simplistic enough angle, the things are not so like that.

We prefer sending ourselves to those that we listen literally and not a serious study on the topic, but about what it(he,she) treats itself(himself,herself) it is of discovering the average, at least this that we are in the direct sale of insurances of health or of medical insurances.

A great revealed secret

Then to give him(her) more pomposity to the matter and “to “collaborate” with the advertising or rather with the approach that takes us to this concept preelaborado it(he,she) is that we put this title(degree):

A great secret revealed ” and I am sure that is reading here for the expectation that we believe, but good we are going to try to support this scale ….. The great revealed secret is that “bad(wrong)” companies do not exist and there do not exist insurance “good” companies … is to say not in our way of seeing.

In the sales of medical insurances it is not a question of prestigious names of companies; this individual is not the most important thing, though we must say that some act better than different.. The great secret is that there are “good” policies and “bad(wrong)” policies .es to say the insurance one call since(as,like) call and (we do not want to mention names though we could for the knowledge that we have of the topic), that is to say that a company called Blue Preferred (fictitious name) even having a resounding or prestigious name it(he,she) can have or has policies that cover only a small % of hospitalization, since also it(he,she) has insurance policies that cover major quantity of benefits.

About what it(he,she) treats itself(himself,herself) it(he,she) is of Benefits … the essence of the matter is not insurance companies and supposed prestige of the name .. the great secret is in the quantity of benefits of a policy especially .. because of it then there are “good” policies and “bad(wrong)” policies