Health Insurance, perfect for pregnancy!

One of the greatest gifts and the best experiences for every woman is to become a mother, but at the same time it comes with great expenses. That’s why today’s Senior Medical Expenses Insurance has become a financial support for the birth of the baby.

A Medical Expenses Insurance covers the expenses of the hospital for the mother, no matter if it is a natural birth or caesarean section, it will also cover your doctor’s fees. In addition to this, you are covered for all the expenses that can be generated by any complications during pregnancy such as threats of abortion, extrauterine pregnancy, premature births, among other things.

One of the greatest advantages of having a Senior Medical Expenses Insurance when pregnant is that when children are born they are covered against malformations or congenital conditions, without the need for medical tests. All you have to do is report the birth of your baby within 60 days of the date of birth and pay the new insured’s premium.

It is important to talk with your partner and plan the time of your pregnancy, because in order to make use of your insurance you will need to meet the waiting period of 10 months from the time you hire him.

Remember that you can consult more information of your Insurance of Higher Medical Expenses and find the one that best suits your needs