Health Insurance for the Elder

The coverage that offers the medical insurance is the protection in case of disease or accident, the insurance of education covers the university expenses of the children, the insurance for the retirement(withdrawal) covers the pension of the policyholder and the life insurance offers a sum assured to cover the loss of the support of the family. For effect of the present article we are going to focus in the insurance of medical major expenses; there are many different coverages with the insurance companies in Mexico, where one can he(she) was finding a product that is molded to his(her,your) needs. If there is had the intention of contracting a medical insurance, advisable mas is to compare the different options that exist on the market, to see the cost of every plan and to quote with different insurance doctors.

Remember that there must be contracted that insurance that offers coverages chord to the needs and to the budget of the buyer taking in it(he,she) counts(tells) the annual increases that suffer this type of policies for increase of the risk, siniestralidad of the insurance one and inflation..

For a better choice(election) of his(her,your) medical insurance, they can consult for Internet the general conditions of any insurance one in Mexico, his(her,your) consultation will allow to the policyholder to know in a general way the most relevant points of the insurance of medical major expenses:

Coverages exclusions additional benefits.

And for the case of the insurance of medical major expenses additional it(he,she) will be able to check:

Waiting periods, hospitalization, ambulance airs movement of bodies, insurance of medical emergency abroad funeral expenses, etc.

It is important to mention that the age of contracting of the insurances of medical major expenses is limited, and is between 64 and 74 years for almost all the insurance doctors though there are options as sure plan in case of the insurance of medical major expenses that does not have limit of age of acceptance, in case of the age has exceeded limit of contracting. On having contracted his(her,your) insurance we recommend to him(her) that on having filled the request it(he,she) answers the most attached(close) thing to the truth, to read the general conditions of the insurance, to compare different products before contracting.

Recommendations for the insurance of medical major expenses: to indicate in the request any disease, to be informed about the waiting periods, to have present that they can request medical examination to assure it.