Health Insurance and pregnancy

A fast and personalized follow up, prestigious professionals and individual rooms, among the main reasons why these insurances are contracted.

Many women who become pregnant decide to take out private health insurance to have faster and more personalized pregnancy monitoring, monthly reviews and individual hospital services, factors determining public health care, which is much more widespread. In fact, medical benefits related to pregnancy and childbirth are among the most widely covered by private health insurance in Spain.

According to data from the Business Insurance Association (UNESPA) of 2013, more than 25 per cent of Spanish children are born to professionals, centres and services related to private health insurance, This shows the growing interest of families in personalized medical care.

Tips for choosing health insurance if you are pregnant

If you are thinking of coping with your pregnancy and childbirth with the services of a private health insurance, we propose a series of tips to choose with head.

First of all, if you and your partner are thinking about getting pregnant and having private health insurance, remember to be proactive and do it before it happens. Some services have periods of absence (the time that must elapse from when you take out insurance until you can make use of certain services without incurring a separate expense), including those related to pregnancy and childbirth. They are not extensive (between eight and ten months), but should be informed beforehand.

Secondly, before contracting the insurance it(he,she) consults also the specialists’ medical picture in obstetrics and gynaecology and checks if the hospitable facilities generate theirs confidence.

Once valued the medical picture, do not forget to consult the coverages of the policies during the childbirth. The minimal services with which your sure sound should count(tell) the consultations with the specialist in order that it(he,she) you could realize the suitable follow-up and diagnostic periodic tests(proofs) like the test(proof) of the sugar, analytical, ultrasound scans and triple sifted. In addition it(he,she) should include other invasive tests(proofs) as the amniocentesis (though in some cases they could have an aftercost), the epidural during the childbirth and medical attention to the newborn child since it(he,she) is born until it(he,she) goes out of the hospital.

The private insurances of health also offer special presentations(services) as classes of preparation to the childbirth, taken care of the baby, programs of mother – infantile health and conservation of cells mother, a presentation(service) for which many families choose to anticipate(prepare) diseases or future ailments in the baby. Find out if the insurance possesses(relies on) them.

Finally, you have to bear in mind that the price that you will pay will depend on your age, your general condition(state) of health and on the city where you reside. Because of it, find out well about the options and compare different insurances of health until you find better the one that adapts to your needs.

That happens(passes) if already I am embarrassed and to contract an insurance of health deprived?

If you have remained a pregnant woman but want to rely on the safety(security) that it(he,she) offers an insurance of health deprived, bear in mind that, though you will not be able to accede to any services that you might enjoy if you were fulfilling the periods of lack, you have right to the majority of medical tests(proofs) as consultations, analytical and ultrasound scans. Nevertheless, find out in the insurance company and weigh the pros and the cons with a view to the childbirth.