Group Health Insurance: Profitable to All

You win with his(her,your) medical insurance of group, gain(earn) the aseguradra and his(her,your) employer wins .. profitable business for all.

The terminology Insurances of Health means for many families the protection that they need in the modern company(society), apart from offering safety(security) offers economic sustenance. In more dependent economies and in crisis the option of a support of health is important, every day the medical expenses are high. The prices of the insurances increase and with this each of the treatments and checkups. He is an uncontrollable situation and the doctors it seemed that they work, as executives for the different insurance ones, since they defend the interests from these and not from the patient. The fees and accounts(bills) for paying for doctors and hospitals form a part of the important accounts(bills) for resolves which relapses into the policyholder and the client of insurance of health.

Is it possible to get more benefits of health for less money?

Is it a viable solution the insurances of group?

For everything which if it is possible to get more benefits of health for less invested money in a policy or in a medical insurance, can obtain this. There exists a great opportunity that cheapens the costs of an insurance of health for the policyholder and is the Insurance of Health of Group. This one allows that more persons could accede to ely simultaneously it(he,she) protects the employer is to say to his(her,your) center of work. Enclosed they are deducible of taxes.

It(He,She) is of indicating since(as,like) also the insurance one obtains profit. It is a profitable business for all, though some of them do not want to see it this way. Still(yet) when the insurance companies know that they will have to cover some medical needs of the policyholders every month, it(he,she) continues being profitable and the factor risk – money is diminished considerably. For your(his,her,their) part the policies of groups are moderately equal to the policies of medical individual insurances and it(he,she) has the same characteristics that these.

It(He,She) is to say has copagos, deducible, coseguros, though it is necessary to emphasize that the insurance one establishes for this company especially specific policies depending on his(her,your) interest and characteristics of the policyholders. The Seguro of health of group it(he,she) can be be had easily if this service is supplied by the employer his(her,your) workers; it(he,she) means that his(her,your) employer must request this type of benefit for his(her,your) employees, since obligatiry nature does not exist in order that it(he,she) does it. Normally the companies empleadoras big give this privilege.

The employers are forced to give us medical insurance in the work and I am forced to accept it?

Related to the conditions that must be fulfilled to obtain this one type insurance policies, it(he,she) must have from 3,10 or 50 or more persons (the exigencias here they change depending on the insurance one) that need coverage of health or a medical insurance and that are ready to pay the costs for this one .No it(he,she) is of obligatory character accept the insurance doctors that his(her,your) employer offers, though it is known that there exist some employers who finely ” do pressure ” since the number of workers who enter to the insurance, the costs and the own(proper) protection of the worker is suitable for the company.

My children and my family, can I include them in my insurance of group?

On the other hand the company is not moderately well interested in covering the health to his(her,your) salesmen is to say to his(her,your) relatives, but it is necessary look for a solution to this since insurance families have them and want that his(her,your) family they have coverage of health. It(he,she) is at the time when the costs for his(her,your) relatives work out more expensive for him(her), since as a general rule the employer covers more you than to his(her,your) family and / or children. Therefore he(she) would touch a good “slice” of money if him(her) it happens to put his(her,your) wife and children inside his(her,your) insurance policy of group.

For the small enterprises that do not have sufficient money it is a fabulous option to pay for an insurance policy of health of group, even it is possible that the employer can select savings account of health (the so called HSA for his(her,your) initials in English). The savings accounts of health or HSA offer the possibility that the workers have an insurance policy of health subsidized or subsidized by the employer and make possible the balance sheet(assessment) adapted in the planning of his(her,your) personal expenses in unforeseen situations of health. Therefore the policies of group are the alternative of care of the health for that you can be looking; of fact there exist many persons who on having chosen a trade(office) or a working place bear in mind if it(he,she) exists as part(report) of the labor benefits, the insurances of health of groups. We are expert in it helping, want to be his(her,your) agent for the whole life .ConsĂșltenos the doubts that it(he,she) has.