Do American Health Insurance Companies steal money from their customers?

I have listened to this phrase more than one vez.roban money the Insurance Doctors in The United States… They all try to search a thief as for the medical costs and it is not a lie of which they are, but ” on having stopped what is of the Caesar ” … the insurance doctors in USA in my opinion are not entirely a few swindlers or thiefs .Y I say entirely because this one is the history of ” give him(her) whom it(he,she) did not give ” or the history of spending(passing) the ball for another side. All those who take part of the “relation” doctor / patiently beneficiaries want to go out and the costs relapse dizzily into the pocket of + the latter..

The luxury of falling ill in USA.

What if it(he,she) turns into a luxury and it is a really untenable sound the costs in the sector of the health in The United States. It is not possible for example that there have to be paid monthly payments of a Medical Insurance, of a Plan of Health or medical coverage since(as,like) there wants to be called he, to extremely exorbitant prices. It is not possible that an emergency medicates in a hospital of only a few hours in USA, 4000 costs $ or 5000 $ or mas still(yet), it(he) is completely inappropriate that a “stay” in a hospital we say of 4 days costs average 3000 daily dollars, including all the expenses; in the Hilton in a suite of luxury it(he,she) would cost less one night for example, but the disagreeable of the matter is that we are not speaking about scattering in a hotel, we are speaking about the health of the persons. But unfortunately myths have been imposed, the persons recite again and again the parliaments to that they listen in the TV in the radio and in general in the mass media in USA … ” The health and the excessive cost of the medical insurances in The United States is through the fault of the insurance ones that want to prosper furthermore(moreover) “..

Discovering the thief

And it(he,she) is not completely true the insurance ones according to my opinion if they obtain exorbitant earnings, the insurance ones if they pay high wages to the executives and often they dedicate it to fewer benefits for the patient and on the contrary it is necessary that to the minimum 85 % of this value fences to satisfying these needs according to the Reform of Health. But these are not entirely culprits or thiefs … Gentlemen the thieves we are all … … If this way of simple.. We all have the fault(sin) of what happens(passes) and for sample we are going to analyze the following questions:

They know you receive(charge) a hospital from an insurance doctor, from a private insurance in The United States for “billeted soldier” has had one of his(her,your) patients?

They know you him(her) receive(charge) the centers of diagnosis or other institutions from the insurance ones for having attended to one of his(her,your) clients?

You know to all that it(he,she) promotes the fraud denounced by the own(proper) government, by the TV the radio to It(He,She) will Medicate, Medicaid which are plans of the federal government?

Do you know all that a hospital receives(charges) from him(her) to the Medicaid (medical federal program for persons of low income – income) for a patient who is not insurance for an insurance private road?