3 Common Mistakes about Health Insurance

3 Mistakes or common Affirmations on Medical Insurances said by clients.. Medical Insurances in The United States … .Patrones to bearing in mind …

These days one speaks very much related to the Reform of Health in the United States and the different methods that are tried to apply by the legislation to do this one “more “attractive” for the patients and the population in general .Todo is cost(been worth) departing from the fact that the health of the citizens is one of the important aspects to bearing in mind. But many confusion exists in the popular thing on what in these moments even it is established and the persons think, that the changes are going to come from one day to the next and lamentably it is not like that.

Therefore different alternatives exist to be able to count with unSeguro Doctor or in his(her,your) absence, a certain Plan that should allow to realize at least the needed(asked) examinations and to be able to determine the vital signs of you health. Anticipating(preparing) is much better that recovering and in essence this is one of the neuralgic points, according to our opinion, of the cost of the system of health of the United States. Without embardo the persons must be conscious (up to(even) so much come the new regulations) at the moment of acquiring a medical insurance, which they face and which are his(her,your) options, in view of the different classifications that the insurance ones value and these are: Age, sex and qualification, for mentioning some aspects.

THE FIRST MISTAKE or Affirmation:

… I am 50 years old and I obtained the best opportunity of Medical Insurance, I pay like my 20-year-old son ….. East is the first mistake, NOT they all pay equally: This up to certain way is understandable, remember that the same risks of health do not exist to an age that to other one. In this respect the scale of payments or monthly quota could behave of the following one forma:-Niños of both sexes up to 1 year of age: Monthly Quota more alta.-children of both sexes of 1 year up to the adolescence: moderately low Quota – men of the adolescence up to 40 years: Quotas ascending(rising) every year moderately well bajas.-women of the adolescence up to 40 years: ascending(rising) Quotas every year moderately low but more discharges that the men of this one edad.-men from 40 to 60 years: ascending(rising) Quotas every year, with more notable discharges approaching to them 60.-Mujeres from 40 to 60 years: Ascending(Rising) quotas every year, with more notable discharges approaching the 60 and higher than the men of this edad. – both more than 60: higher and moderately equal Quotas in both sexes.

Certainly this is not a statistics extracted from any place. This obeys only the average of the prices of the immense majority of the insurance companies Doctor. For which it(he) is not totally exact. It(he) is alone like example. But taking the previous example, to the point that we want to come it is the following one: it is not possible to think that with 60 years of age the same thing is paid that with 40 and less even with 20 years .La quota in this case is inversely, is minor when one is younger.