The Stein Collection

The Stein Collection of Art is an exciting and valuable collection of American art that has been assembled by the artist himself. The collection was created over a period of fifty years and is comprised of a lifetime of works created from various media, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor. The picture These works are as varied as the times in which they were produced and are now collected together to form a truly comprehensive study of American art. As with most artworks, this collection was born out of the natural progression of a lifelong career. In many ways, he was driven to create this rich and rewarding collection. Born in Kansas City, Mo., he became interested in art as a young man and after working for some period in New York City, decided to begin creating pieces that would last and be enjoyed by his family. Part of the inspiration for the creation of the collection was his interest in early American painting. In particular, he was inspired by the style of the masters like Ella Mae Bidwell. The result is a stunning assortment of color and texture that is blended into an impressive overall effect. Because of the way that this work is finished, Bidwell's work will always be highly regarded. Another spur to the creation of this collection of art was the fact that several of the pieces found in it were also bought and sold by Bidwell's wife, Ginger. This gave him the confidence to start creating more substantial pieces. Stein foto Together they worked on developing a group of over twenty pieces that are now housed in their own private gallery in Manhattan. Though their overall collection does include work from a wide range of artists, most of their pieces can be categorized into the following six categories. They are Early American Art, America & the World, Early American Art - Secession, Civilians, Colorfield America, Destination, Culture, and Expression. The pieces included in this collection are a true reflection of the times and place that they were created. The Early American Art collection is represented by paintings that were produced during the American Revolution. These include 'The Battle of Monmouth', an early example of a Monmouth painting, and 'Old Fort William', a reconstruction of a fort that catered to the British Army at the time of the American Revolution. The pieces created during this era focused on portraying a common man's life in his home town. Some of these's Whippet' and 'Shop owner', two pieces from Ginger Bidwell's personal collection. America & the World represent works that were produced between the turn of the century up to the outbreak of World War II. These pieces span a full range of time period, which includes the Old West, the Depression, the Great Depression, and World War II. The description Some of the pieces in this collection include'Rancho Relaxo', which depicts a ranch house located on a Mexico hillside, and the 'Point Loma', an old-world style house located in San Diego. In addition to these pieces of art, Ginger Bidwell designed a series of vases and floral arrangements that are part of the entire collection. America & the World also feature art that has themes of love and faith. Some examples in this category include 'Atlas Shrugged', 'The Closer I Get To You', 'Beaching', and 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen'. The most poignant piece in this collection is 'My Olive's Farm', which shows the emotional effects of separation from a loved one. The pieces in this category deal with loss, grief, and the different ways humans handle such situations in their lives. Other items in this collection include 'Strawberries in the Summertime', 'The Moon and Stars', and 'Euphorism'. American & the World collection include a number of paintings that focus on various landmarks and locations across the United States. Some examples include 'The National Mall', 'Starry Night', and 'Millionaires at Tiffany's'. Some other smaller pieces in this collection include 'American Flag' and 'Eighth Street'.