Silent Movies

A silent movie is usually a classic or award winning film with no verbal dialogue. Movies icon In silent movies for pure entertainment, the sole plot can be communicated by the use of cryptic signs of the storyline and verbal key dialogue. Silent movies are often romantic in style and are set during a time in history when people did not communicate verbally. Many movies from this era had many elaborate backgrounds featuring the themes of love and romance, such as the Metamorphosis from Dracula, Love Actually from George Orwell or The Cabinet of Doctor Malpractice from Tim Burton. They were often rated a "PG" for children under the age of 12, but they were actually long enough that the viewer could appreciate the full meaning of the characters and the emotions expressed. Some movies in this genre have become popular again due to their preservation in DVD quality. Silent movies are also more challenging to find today due to the scarcity of the actual silent film master negatives. These original silent movies are available in re-cut versions. The only way to see these movies is to view them on DVD and enjoy the classic horror, romance, or comedy that is offered. The late Alfred Hitchcock is commonly attributed with creating the modern suspense picture. While the technique of having a quiet, introspective character (like the detective in a James Bond movie) reveal something about themselves to the audience has been around as long as silent motion pictures itself, it was the French psychiatrist and hypnotist Dr. psycho Lacroix who invented the modern model of a silent film. Movies impression He used the stills from his photography studio to create a mock reel of a movie, then ran the stills through a slow-scanning camera to present each image at its best. Lacroix's model of a silent movie was revolutionary. It made the concept of an audience watching a movie invisible. One of the most memorable scenes from Mary Shelly's "Moonscape" (1935) is a chase scene between the detective and the villain, shown to be Dr. Robinson, played by Boris Karloff. The camera follows the two men across the countryside, looking for the "crime scene". As they approach it, a crane swings out from the top of a hill, and the two men are catapulted several feet into the air. This chase sequence from "Moonscape" is one of the most iconic moments from one of the most classic silent films ever made. One of the things that Silent Movies fans always look for is a deleted scene. You can find this anywhere from old sound films to the earliest copies of "talkies". Often, these scenes are left out because they were thought to be unnecessary. Movies photograph However, there is no telling whether or not the creators of silent movies even thought of those scenes to begin with!In the case of films that were made in Hollywood, the late silent era is often looked upon as the golden age of film. These are the films you see on the anniversary of WWI, and feature brilliant stars like Lee Strasberg, ike Stern, Jack Lemmon, and more. Silent movies also have their place in popular culture today, since Hollywood is famous for creating them, and since many people don't even know about the real life story behind them. Of course, the entire point of these silent movies is to be as boring as possible. The entire concept is to draw in the viewer by having them suspended in non-information mode, allowing them to only focus on the colors and the picture itself. Many people criticize this type of film, but it's important to note that the film industry was not nearly as advanced as it is today, so these early films were quite primitive by today's standards. One interesting thing about Silent Movie Stars is that despite the lack of sound, they were incredibly talented. They managed to create completely realistic characters with little dialogue, and they had to understand how to give captivating performances. This was a great step forward in the direction of filmmaking, as many artists of that time would go on to create masterful films using complex exposition, dramatic music, and other elements of filmmaking that are much easier to grasp. Some films from that era may be completely forgotten now, but at least those that are can be enjoyed by anyone. You can enjoy a great silent movie from the ones that have already been made, or you can rent a silent motion picture to watch, either way you'll be sure to appreciate the timeless beauty of this time period.