Charlie Chaplin Death

Chaplin had suffered from asthma for most of his life. He would often find himself in the hospital when it became too much for him. It was not until he was eighty-one that he died. Many assumed he would be buried at sea but instead, his remains were interred at a local cemetery. The grave site today is on Rochdale Road, in London. One can only speculate on how old Charlie truly was. His exact age is unknown. As a matter of fact, his exact age is unknown because no one was sure of his real age. There are many theories as to how he died. Many people believe he died as the result of a stroke or heart attack while many others think he may have died as the result of an accident. Some suggest that it was a heart attack brought on by stress while others say it was a stroke. It is believed that he might have been working on the second " 1923", which was considered to be one of the most tragic film dramas of all time. This film was based on the work of the legendary director, Buster Keaton. Many critics and actors claim this film is one of the greatest comedies ever made. In addition to his work with films, Chaplin also served a long time with the British army. During World War II, he was a member of the Londonrench brigade. When the war was over, he continued to work with films, acting in such classics as "The Tramp" and "Gaslight". He is due to receive a posthumous medal for his actions in World War Two. Aside from the fact that he was well known for his amazing portrayal of the character of Chaplin, he was also well-known for his kindness and generosity. A former employee of the King Kong franchise said that he used to walk to work with his toothache in a basket. The last person who knew Chaplin described him as a kind man who would give anything he could to anyone who asked for it. He is also widely believed to have given money to a friend that had been wronged by the Dutch. The mystery surrounding the famous actor's death continues. There are many stories that swirl around his death, but none have been able to point to a definitive answer. One of the more widely-known stories is that he was found dead in a railway station in London while waiting for his brother to come back from a business trip. Another version of how did Charlie die is one where his body was discovered floating in the river after falling out of an airplane. No matter what the circumstances were, the mystery still remains. Many people who loved this iconic film will never tire of asking the question, "How did Charlie die?" It is an interesting, albeit macabre way of getting the questions answered. One can only speculate on the manner in which his untimely death might have been related to his vocal acumen and thus play into the mystery. One also has to wonder if he had hypnotically assisted his fellow actors to perform some of his lines, causing an untimely death. Or perhaps he just was truly a great actor, whose work will live on forever.