Charlie Chaplin In California

Charlie Chaplain is one of those great comedians of our time that gets passed up for most of our film entertainment. Most people think of him as a British comedian, but his real birthplace was in California. California icon He became known to Americans through Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who are both from Seattle. So, it was only fitting that Charlie Chaplons best film role was one that took place in California. Charlie's first appearance on screen was in the late 1940s, where he played a part in the entertaining film King Joe. Though not actually filmed in California, he had a home in San Francisco at the time. The year he went to college is when his career really began to take off. He would go on to star in some movies after that, including The Munsters, The Bad News Bears, and Grease. One movie that did not receive a lot of publicity was Collateral. Although it only had a handful of screenings, it was well received by critics, winning four Oscars including Best Picture. It is interesting that such a late film would have been nominated for an Oscar, since the earlier movies of Chaplin were considered mainstream. The movie itself is a comedy and has one of the greatest opening sequences ever put to film. Charlie was an Italian American, which is not much of a surprise considering his background. Regardless, he was not the only Italian American in a film made by Walt Disney. Many of the Italians that were on the screen during those days were true Italian Americans. It was around this time that The Great Ziegfeld Follies was made, and Charlie participated in one of the biggest breakthrough films of its time. The movie was one of the biggest box office successes of all time. In art It stars Charlie Chaplin, Mercedes Carpenter, and Agnes Moorehead. Most of the movies that feature Chaplin are highly regarded, and the ones that he didn't star in were more memorable. One movie that is certainly worth watching is The Kid. Charlie Chaplin's other two major films that were directed by him are The Mysterious Lady and The Kid. Both of these films were made in 1932. Both of these movies are highly regarded for their unique style of humor, as well as the acting. The Mysterious Lady was in essence a parlor trick/comedy, using a myriad of different styles of humor. It was a huge hit, especially in England. Chaplin's final movie of his career was The Kid. This was a bit of a departure from his earlier movies, which tended to be real life stories set within funny situations. In this movie, Chaplin plays a boy who was thrown out of an orphanage. There, he befriends several other children who also have home moms. He also befriends the movie director, and they begin a relationship that progresses throughout the entire movie. Charlie Chaplin's body of work is definitely a great testament to his overall greatness. Some of his movies are truly great films, while others are just masterful pieces of comedic brilliance. Charlie figure One thing is for sure, if you ever have the chance to watch any of Charlie Chaplin's films, you will not be disappointed. In my opinion, he is the most beloved of all time. As such, I would always recommend that everyone get a copy of this man's films. I can never remember a time where I did not enjoy any of Chaplin's movies. His style of comedy was so unique that his films still remain popular today. From the slapstick humor of Charlie Brown to the emotional stories of Charlie and the three girls with the dog in Charlie and Bluto. Even today, some of his greatest films are still very funny to watch. There are many people that claim Charlie Chaplin is the best comedy film ever made. They all probably disagree a little. However, in my opinion, no one can match up to the man's achievements during his short movie career. Hopefully, this article has given you a few reasons why you should watch some of Charlie Chaplin's greatest films. I am sure you will find that there is one that fits your bill perfectly. All in all, Chaplin films are fun to watch. You just have to hope that they last long enough for you to want to watch more.