Charlie Chaplin Comedies

Charlie Chaplin is a man of the funniest speeches I have ever heard. Most of his words were about women, but there was one that made me laugh out loud - "It's a Wonderful Life", indeed it was. Charlie artwork Charlie Chaplain is known for his long and recurring dialogues with the old man. You can see that in almost all of his films, whether he was making a western or a film in China. Chaplin's greatest claim to fame was his one and only film, Charlie Chaplin's first ever film. It was called Old Man Rooster Cogburn and it was made in 1908. It tells the story of Cogburn, who is an old and tired old man who works at a railway station. He talks constantly to the other men and women who work there and even help them on occasion. One day, while talking to some girls, he starts to flirt with a young woman. The women take him for granted, and he doesn't realize he has a liking for her. At the end of the movie, the girl asks him to marry her and he says he'll think about it. A short time later, he dies and is buried beside the girl. Many of my earliest memories of comedy come from the Charlie Chaplin films. He is easily one of the funniest stars of all time. There are many different types of comedies that we have seen since Chaplin came onto the scene, and his work is still unsurpassed. But, if you want to see the best one, then you should go with Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin had many roles in his career. He was in a lot of movies, but without a doubt his greatest performance came in One Hour with Maxwell. This was also his biggest hit. Comedies re-creation Many people believe this to be his best film ever. One hour with Maxwell is a brilliant film and I highly recommend it. In the year two hundred and eleven, Charlie Chaplin made a film that is still considered one of the best comedies ever made. It was called Charlie Chaplin Live. This film involved many different actors, but Chaplin was definitely in charge. He wrote and directed this film and he used a lot of different actors in it, but he only directed one. This film is a hilarious movie and I highly recommend it. One other movie that I would definitely mention Chaplin is The Performer. This is a film that I would definitely rank as one of my favorite Charlie Chaplin comedies. This film stars Jack Lemmon, John Belushi, Walter Matthau, and Richard Lewis. This is a great film and I highly recommend it. So, now that you know some of the best Charlie Chaplin films, what are you waiting for? I am sure there is a film out there that you have yet to see. You just have to take a look! I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Take a seat, close your eyes, and enjoy the ride. Now that I have your attention, let me tell you about some of my other favorite Charlie Chaplin comedies. Charlie description My next three are The Great Ziegfeld Feat of Many feat. Merritt Tarragona, Charlie Brown's Crooked Kind of Town feat. His Dad and Charlie And All That Is Gold. All of these are wonderful comedies that will leave you laughing so hard you will want to make them again. These films are great, and if you have never seen them, then I highly suggest you do. There are some people who may think that The Great Ziegfeld Feat of Many feat. Merritt Tarragona is one of the weakest movies of all time. It is one of those films that is just so bad that it makes you wish that you could rip the DVD out of the packaging and burn it so that you could keep it on the shelf so that people would forget that it was rubbish. Charlie Brown's Crooked Kind of Town is about a man named Charlie Brown, that likes to go around town pretending to be a clown. He ends up getting arrested because one of the crowd thinks that he might be a criminal, and he ends up getting thrown into jail. Charlie is stuck in this crazy man made prison, and he has to learn to deal with the other men in the prison and the local ladies that he is always going to meet. Charlie And All That Is Gold is about a man that was born rich, but then lost everything in his life. He then returns to his hometown to spend his last days there, along with his dog, Wooster, who is also locked up in a cage. Charlie has to help Wooster get out, and he does so by telling him the truth about his birth and where he went to college. Charlie and Wooster also have to work together in order to clear their names, and this film is one of the best Charlie Chaplin comedies that was ever made.