Charlie in California IV

Of course, Charlie had been going to Catalina Island since the early days and continued to into the 1950s.  Although the island museum seems to have forgotten all of Charlie’s attentions, you can still find bits of evidence of him there.  The fountain, for instance, pictured in the postcard to the left and also in the recent photo at the middle left is just one small instance, for as you can see in the photo of Paulette, Charlie and Charlie, Jr., taken in 1940, it links these moments together in history.  The photo below right is the Tuna Club on the island, where Charlie was a member with Buster Keaton and others for many years.  Finally, below left and right is the Montecito Inn in Santa Barbara, built in 1928 and reputed to have been owned by a group of investors of which Charlie and Roscoe Arbuckle were members.


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“If you were a fisherman, Catalina was a paradise.  Avalon, its sleepy old village, had two small hotels.  The fishing was good all the year round.  If the tuna were running, there was not a boat to be hired.  In the early morning, someone would shout: ‘They’re here!’ Tuna, weighing from thirty to three hundred pounds apiece, would be thrashing and splashing about as far as the eye could see.”
My Autobiography

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