Charlie in California III

Featured on this page are a couple of Charlie accommodations that you can still stay in.  First is Charlie’s suite at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, Room # 1225 (featured in more detail on Domiciles.  I swear the view out Charlie’s window at the LAAC is featured at the beginning of A Dog’s Life, isn’t it?  Lesser known and a bit more funky all around is the Cadillac Hotel on Venice Beach.  Room #402 is called the Charlie Chaplin Room and the manager told me, since the original suites had been chopped up to make smaller rooms, this particular room would have been Charlie’s sitting room in a suite that covered the entire floor at the time he used to stay here.  The photo below left is of Charlie and some fans on this very beach in front of the bathhouse.  The postcard below right shows the Cadillac hotel in all its pink glory in the 1910s.  It’s still that color, believe it or not.  And finally, tucked down below is one of the bronze cupids, Charlie’s wedding present to Doug and Mary, still adorn Pickfair’s gate up in Beverly Hills.


Much of Charlie’s The Cure was based on his experience living at the Los Angeles Athletic Club.

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