Charlie in California II

Other sites in and around Hollywood might be considered “Charlie haunts” more than anything else.  On this page, I feature the Ambassador Hotel (left), now just a sort of hollow ghost itself out there on Wilshire Boulevard.  But as you can see from the photo just below it, Charlie often played tennis there as well as dining at the Cocoanut Grove (check out Charlie, Jr. standing in the background!).  Below middle left is, of course, the infamous Echo Park in Glendale, California (you can’t miss it), the place where it all started.   See Charlie in Echo Park circa 1915.  Below center is the approximate location of Charlie’s private box, number 721, at the Hollywood Bowl (a remodeling removed the actual box itself), but if you go in the Bowl museum, you can find his box listed in a program in one of the exhibits.  Opposite right is the famous Circle Theatre, now called the Cast, which has a Charlie Chaplin stage now, I believe, in honor of his efforts there as a director.  Its located at ???  And finally, below right is Perrino’s, a famous Hollywood night spot featured in Attenborough’s Chaplin and, unfortunately, knocked down just a couple of months ago (it was also on Wilshire).


The Ambassador Hotel is also the site of RFK’s assassination in 1968.  Charlie once reported that he was visiting Constance Collier there one time when a murder occurred at the same time.

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